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Born Mystics

🔴Sold🔴 Alexander- Handmade Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Lotus Flower

🔴Sold🔴 Alexander- Handmade Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Lotus Flower

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"Alexander" Handmade Black Tourmaline Expandable Beaded Bracelet with Silver Lotus Flower Charm and Rhinestone Accent Beads. Black Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is the most commonly used in meditation because of it grounding effects and connection to the lower Chakras. Black Tourmaline is known to improve circulation, detox from heavy metals, protection from evil eye, protects from psychic attacks and negative energy, and EMF from electronics. The black color of the stone allows it to absorb negative energy without diminishing its own energy, which will allow the wearer to vibrate at a higher frequency. Many Shamans have carried Black Tourmaline to protect them from danger. It is also said that rubbing Black Tourmaline swiftly can create a positive electrical charge and was used by traders as electrically charged stones. Tourmaline crystals are very powerful and valuable and are often pricier than other stones. This bracelet was handmade with love and good vibes! If you would like to order a custom piece, please contact us!



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