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Born Mystics

🔴SOLD🔴Malcolm Handmade Garnet, Lava Stone, and Hematite Leopard Expandable Bracelet

🔴SOLD🔴Malcolm Handmade Garnet, Lava Stone, and Hematite Leopard Expandable Bracelet

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Malcolm Handmade Garnet, Lava Stone, and Gold plated Hematite Leopard Expandable Bracelet. This elegant and powerful gemstone bracelet contrasts the smooth rich garnet against the rough and raw lava stone for a stunning combination. Garnet was used thousands of years ago as a talisman for warriors to protect them from injury and death.  It was used by ancient medicine men in open wounds to slow the blood flow and assist in healing.  A more mystical aspect of the stone is that it protects the wearer from Evil Eye and negativity, as it not only blocks the negative energy, but it also sends it back to its source.  It is a deep red and almost violet stone that is associated with the 1st and 7th Chakras (The Root and Crown).  It is also known as a "Loyalty Stone" and "Karma" Stone.  
Lava Stone is a stone that connects one to Mother Earth on a deep level.  It can stabilize emotions, promote strength and courage, helps control anger, and is great at lifting one's mood.  Hematite is a great stone for protection, staying grounded, alleviating worry and stress, and it absorbs negative energy. It is the most effective grounding stone. Hematite promotes stability and protection.
This bracelet is handmade with love and good vibes and is powerful. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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