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Wood gives a feeling of being connected with the world around and also to improve physical and emotional health. Why do we use responsibly sourced wood in our jewelry?  Responsibly sourced wood is the only renewable building material available; it is naturally grown and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Wood products then store the carbon that the growing trees have removed from the air (about 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon).The production and processing of wood less embodied energy than most other materials, giving wood products a significantly lower carbon footprint.  Symbolically, wood has a strong connection with the nature and different tree species have their own sacred energy and metaphysical properties. Their energetic potential may help a person to deal with stress.

Coconut Wood- In many new age communities coconut wood beads, pendants and jewelry are highly sought after due to their many metaphysical healing properties. It is said that the coconut symbolizes our ego and self awareness and can help stimulate the root chakra. It is also said that wearing coconut jewelry can help one open up one's heart and be more caring to the people and world around them.

Sandalwood- In Hinduism and Ayurveda, sandalwood is thought to bring one closer to the divine. Thus, it is one of the most used holy elements in Hindu and Vedic societies. Sandalwood beads are part of Buddhist traditions. They are believed to be a powerful aid to enhance meditation, increase the power of your wishes and stimulate a sense of awareness.

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