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Herkimer Diamonds

What is a Herkimer Diamond?
Herkimer Diamonds are actually Herkimer Quartz, which is a Quartz discovered in New York in the 18th Century in the Mohawk River Valley and are estimated to be over 500 million years old. The hardness on a MOHS scale is 7.5 making it harder than most other types of Quartz and can be clear, may include black carbon deposits, and can be smokey depending on the water or carbon inclusions. They are named “Herkimer” because they are generally short, small, stubby, and double-terminated crystal shapes as well as the high gloss shine that relates them to Diamond crystals.
What mystical properties do Herkimer Diamonds have? What are they used for?
Herkimer Quartz Diamonds are pure spiritual light solidified. They are second to none in this regard, as no other crystal has the same quality. The crystals emanate a very high and harmonious energy and emanate the brightest crystal light. Herkimer Diamonds have the ability to magnify the power of any other stones or crystals, making small stones emit the same power of larger stones.
In spiritual uses, Herkimer Diamonds assist in astral travel, dreams and vision work, dimensional work, clairvoyance, lucid dream work, the removal of energetic cords, meditation, healing grids, and many more energetic works. Herkimer Diamonds are connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, the Astrology signs of Aries and Sagittarius, and is associated with the element of water (Storm).
The most popular pairing of Herkimer Diamonds is with stones like Moldavite, Herderite, Satya Loka Quartz, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Celestite, and Danburite. These are all high vibrational stones and Herkimer magnifies their effects. As Herkimer Diamonds can magnify the power of even gentler stones, you can pair it with anything to enhance the type of energy you are receiving from other gemstones.
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