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What is Jade?
Jade is actually two separate gems: nephrite and jadeite. Jade has cultural roots in the caves and huts that sheltered prehistoric humans. Stone Age workers all around the world shaped Jade into weapons, tools, ornaments, and ritual objects because it's one of the toughest gems.The Mohs Hardness for Jade is 6.5 to 7 and 6.0 to 6.5 and come in the colors green, white, orange, yellow, lavender, and black.
Does Jade have any mystical or spiritual qualities?
Jade is a symbol of serenity, purity, and wisdom gathered in tranquility.  It increases love and nurturing.  Jade is a protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  Jade attracts good luck and friendship.  It stabilises the personality and promotes self-sufficiency, quiets the mind, and assists in releasing negative thoughts. Jade is also known as a “dream stone” that stimulates ideas and insightful dreams.  Jade aids in the release of irritability and encourages you to become who you really are.
Does Jade have any healing properties?
Jade aids the body’s filtration and elimination organs and is excellent for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands.  Jade removes toxins, rebuilds skeletal and cellular systems, and can heals stitches.  Jade balances body fluids and has also been known to assist in fertility.
Which month is Jade for?  Which sign is Jade for? In the old Tibetan calendar, Jade is the birthstone for March. Jade is likewise a zodiac stone for Pisces, which falls partly on the month of March. Green Jade can also be a gemstone for the month of August.
Do you have any Jade jewelry? 
Yes we do!  Here are a few samples...Please take a look at our handmade Jade jewelry. We also have pieces like jade handmade trees! Many pieces are one of a kind and may be sold out by the time you read this...  If you would like to order a custom piece, please be sure to contact us.  We love making personalized pieces!
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