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Born Mystics

🔴SOLD🔴 Monica Handmade Genuine Turquoise and Onyx Pendant Necklace

🔴SOLD🔴 Monica Handmade Genuine Turquoise and Onyx Pendant Necklace

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Monica Handmade Genuine Turquoise and Onyx Pendant Necklace on a Gold Plated Chain. Turquoise and Onyx are both gemstones for the Month of July. Turquoise, is a captivating sea-green stone of that represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient and contemporary crystal experts love it for its representation of wisdom, tranquility, and protection. Black Onyx is a stone that promotes divine order, clear focus and sensibility.  It is an ancient stone that has been used for metaphysical purposes such as the absorption of negative energy and transforming it to usable energy, protection of one's own personal energy, medium work and messages with departed souls, assisting in past life regressions, cleansing the past, and decision making in the future.  It is a stone that both grounds you to the Earth and at the same time facilitates the communication with the departed.  Onyx has also been used in mediation to release and end unhappy relationships.   Onyx can also assist in helping a person reach one's goals.  This bracelet was handmade with love and good vibes.  Suitable for any gender and recommended for anyone with plans to make big life changes.  This would be a wonderful gift for someone you love. To order custom pieces for specific Zodiac Signs please contact us!



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